Again this year we will competing in the Aldon Automotive HSA Speed Championship. At the time of writing (April) this the car was still in the bodyshop being straightened after the accident at Shelsley at the end of last season. This means a slow start to the season. Our race dates  are not finalised yet. I will fill them in when I know them.

The big change for this year is the start of the build of the TT3. Over the years myself (Ben) and Wil have enjoyed sharing the car and it has made finantial sence. Not however I have decided that I want a car that I have built. Not only for the chalenge of the build, but so that I can input my ideas and set it up how I like it. This also allows Wil to develop the TT2 how he wants it. Hopefully by 2008 we will have the TT3 up and running.