Turbo System –                        Metro Turbo Inlet & exhaust manifolds;

                                                  Garrett GT17;

                                                  Stainless NIC Plenum;

                                                  Montego Turbo Carburettor;

Fuel Pump -                               60psi roller vane Sytec pump;

Intercooler -                              THS Parts Type1 (thsparts.co.uk)

Dumpvalve -                             Plunger type;

Exhaust -                                   Maniflow turbo downpipe connected to bespoke 2” system.

ENGINE (8.5:1 CR)  

Cylinder Head -                        Bespoke 12G940 casting ported and machine to our spec. by BENROSS (Valves 33mm Inlet, 29.5 Exhaust)

Block  -                                      Pocketed to allow fitment of 12G940, centre main strap, waterway near number 1 and 4 fire rings blocked;

Pistons -                                    Minispares Mega type with 6cc dish machined by Morspeed, fitted with PTFE buttons to replace circlip fitment machined by GSM;

Con Rods -                                Standard A+;

Crank -                                       Balanced, lightened and nitrided;

Camshaft & drive -                   Kent 500 with 1.5 roller tip rockers and Vernier Minispares Beltdrive;

Oil Pump-                                 High Flow 998.


Flywheel & Clutch -                  Ultralight Minispares Flywheel and backplate, gray diaphragm and sintered paddle clutch plate;

Drop Gears -                            Straight-cut (1:1);

Gearbox -                                 Straight Cut Close Ratio (Minispares Clubman set);

Differential -                             Tranx LSD, 4.1 final drive ratio.


Radiator -                                 Minispares 2-core competition type;

Water Pump -                           Standard pump modified to allow head fitment;

Fan -                                          4 blade metal fan.


Fully mappble Megasquirt system using Ford EDIS wastes spark system. Version 029q Extra Code.


Circa 155 BHP at 6900 rpm, 125 ftlb @ 5900 rpm

0-60mph sub 5seconds

Standing 1/4mile  (TBA 14/15 July 2007)


Front- Springs -                         Yellow dot rubber doughnuts.  Bumpstops removed and Hi-lows modified to allow car to sit at rest with bottom arms horizontal;

            Components-                Rose jointed bottom arms and tie bars, Minispares adjustable anti-roll bar;

            Settings-                       Camber -2deg, caster 3.5 deg, toe parallel;

Rear-   Springs -                        Red dot rubber doughnuts;

            Components-                KAD rear radius arms and handbrake qudrents, mounted to lightened rear subframe with KAD adjustable camber/toe brackets, Minispares adjustable anti-roll bar;

            Settings-                       camber -0.5deg, toe standard;

BRAKES (8.4” setup)

Front-   Callipers-                      Minispares 4-pot alloy;

            Disks-                            Standard Solid Metro;

            Drive Flange-                Unique Force Racing Magnesium;

            Pads-                             Road pads (Ferrodo);

Rear-   Drums-                           Minifins;

            Shoes-                           Road shoes (Ferrodo);

Master cylinder-                       Standard late-type split system.

All brakepipes run internally with brake bias adjuster inside cabin.


Wheels-                                    7x13” 6 spoke Super Mini wheels

Tyres-                                        7.0 20x13 R25A Hoosiers


Seat-                                         Sparco Ultra mounted on bespoke mountings to sill and exhaust tunnel;

Harness-                                   Schroth Profi II – 4” Sholder and 3” lap belts;

Steering-                                   Austin Maestro steering column (with 2 UJs) mounted to rollcage dash bar;

Dash Board-                             Bespoke dashboard with Rev counter, Oil Pressure, Boost Pressure and water temperature.  Shift light mounted on top of dash;

Fire Extinguisher-                      Plumbed in 2.25 litre Lifeline system;

Fuel tank-                                  Foam filled steel 4 litre located in Boot.


Steel shell, lightened and strengthened where necessary with Safety Devices 6-point bolt-in cage with fixed diagonal, door bars and dash bar.  Fitted with GRP 2 piece frontend, boot and doors.  Curley GRP Miglia arches.  Pollycarbonate ‘glass’  all round. 


The car was re-built for the 2006 season from the remains of the original TT.  The TT was originally built in 2000/2001 and had steadily been developed over 5 seasons of competition.